About Us


A Brief History

The founder of our company has been in the Telecommunications Industry since 1985.  He Started out as a telephone technician working on 1A1 and 1A2 Key Telephone Systems and Outside Plant Construction in the US Marine Corps.

After honorably serving our country, he continued his involvement and growth in different aspects of the Telecommunications Industry.  These include payphones, electronic key telephone systems, cell phone tower antenna installation, wireless LAN design and installation, smart home cabling, surveillance camera system design and installation, structured cabling systems consultation, design and installation in commercial and industrial settings.

He has worked in schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, commercial and industrial buildings, and residential developments.

In between jobs, he has worked as an Iron Worker both in structural steel and re-bar, furthering his knowledge in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

Armed with all this knowledge and experience, he decided to obtain his contractors license back in 2001.

We have great clients that appreciate our knowledge, expertise and professionalism.


Our Approach

We believe in building customer relationships and providing top-notch quality work.  It's our good reputation that keeps clients coming back to us for all their cabling infrastructure and wireless needs.  We take the time and care in understanding your needs.  

We realize that not everyone is going to have a preferred vendor of choice when it comes to equipment and cabling being installed on their premises.  There are many choices out there for the different budget levels and we work with multiple vendors to bring the best possible solution together.

When we design and recommend parts and equipment for your network, we take the time to do the research and provide the best possible solution that will maximize your investment.  All this comes with our standard 10 year limited warranty on the design and installation of the network infrastructure on top of the manufacturer's own warranties.

If your company has an established set of standards on equipment and materials that need to be installed, we provide design and installation for you as well.  We deal with different suppliers to obtain the best price we can to give you the best deal possible on the equipment and materials you need.


Our Experience

Our Teams are experienced in a variety of Structured Cabling Systems and Wireless LANs. We use this expertise to help our clients with a variety of small, mid-sized and enterprise-level projects.  From New Installations to Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) & Tenant Improvements (TI), we can help!  From Consulting to Design and Installation, we support our clients through the entire process.  

We provide our services to Commercial Office Buildings, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, Hotels and Resorts.

Ask us about:

  • Structured Cabling and  WLAN Systems Consultation, Design and Installation
  • Third-Party Cable Plant Certification & WiFi  Network Validation Services

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