Structured Cabling & Wireless



Technology is always changing and the demand for speed on a network is no longer an option to stay competitive.  Without the proper infrastructure in place, your networks become less efficient and your people become less productive.

We provide consultation services to clients for new and existing ITS systems.  We meet with Key Project Stakeholders to discuss the details of a project and provide valuable information on the current status of the existing infrastructure or the requirements of a new installation.

Our reports will address the clients needs and expectations and are neatly packaged in a comprehensive report.

We provide the following consultation services:

  • Existing Communications Room, Cable Plant, Wireless Network and Physical Security Assessment
  • New Communications Room, Cable Plant, Wireless Network and Physical Security Requirements



We design Structured Cabling, Wireless & Information Technology Systems from the ground up utilizing pertinent local and national codes, standards and best practices.

Everything from cabling pathways to networking equipment requirements are designed by our team of experts.  We provide the following design services:

  • Structured Cabling Systems
    • Local Area Networks
    • Wide Area Networks
    • Campus Area Networks
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
    • Multiple Vendors
    • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Security Camera Systems
    • IP Based Systems
    • Coaxial Based Systems
    • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Access Control Systems
    • Card Readers
    • Door Entry
    • Gate Access
    • Remote Exit



Our trained installers and technicians provide professional Structured Cabling Systems, Wireless Networks, Security Camera, and Access Control Systems installation which can include racking, stacking, patching and documentation of network equipment.

Our network engineers will ensure that every networking device installed by us operates properly and optimally.  

At the end of each project, we provide the client the following documentation for a hassle-free turn-key solution:

  • Cable plant certifications 
    • Copper / Fiber
  • As-built Drawings
  • Network Diagrams
  • Switch Port Mapping
  • Network Validation Reports
  • Wireless Network Heat Maps
  • Wireless Passive / Active Validation Reports