Services Offered


We provide consultation services to our clients for new and existing ITS systems beginning with the physical layer all the way through the application layer.

Our reports will address the clients needs and expectations and are neatly packaged to include findings and recommendations.


With information taken from the Consultation phase, our team of experts design ITS systems from the ground up while utilizing the latest pertinent codes, standards and best practices.

Everything from cabling pathways, networking equipment and applications / software requirements are designed by our team of experts.


Our trained installers and technicians provide professional installations that any client will be proud of.

Our network engineers and programmers will ensure that every device and application installed works properly and optimally.

Cable plant certifications and network operability checklists are provided to the client at the end of each project for a turn-key solution.

Cloud-Based Managed Services

Our cloud-based solutions help our clients save money by reducing the cost of purchasing expensive on-site equipment and the required maintenance on that equipment, not to mention the significant reduction of their electric bill every month.  Our cloud-based solutions are maintained 24/7 and upgraded on a scheduled basis by a team of IT experts.  By migrating some or all of your IT services to the cloud, you can focus on what you do best--running your business.

24/7 US Based Tech Support

We provide peace-of-mind to our clients by offering 24/7, U.S.-Based Technical Support for all our Cloud-Based Managed Service Contracts.